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Daily Bell Schedule

2021-2022 Bell Schedule

The YMCA will offer before and after school options for all students, including students in slip sessions. Please contact Kristen Martinez at or Alyssa Rivera at


There is a 15-minute supervised recess before the first bell at 8:00; students could arrive at 7:45 AM. For safety purposes, please don't leave your child unattended before 7:45 as there is no supervision.


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL is a minimum day for grades 1-5, dismissal at 12:50. Kindergarten has a special schedule with dismissal at 9:30 (the singular special schedule for the year).


ASSESSMENT DAYS, AUGUST 11 - 20Kindergarten hours are 8:00-11:30, and grades 1-5 are 8:00-1:50 PM.


REGULAR DAYS: Kindergarten 8:00-12:30, Grades 1-5 8:00-2:30. Both kindergarten and first grade have slip sessions. The slip session allows for small group instruction, with approximately half the class for the first hour (kinder) or 40 minutes (1st grade) of the day, and then the second half of the class the last hour or 40 minutes of the day for instruction. Teachers will assign students to either early or late bird arrival and dismissal times after ASSESSMENT DAYS. Slip sessions begin on August 23.


ADJUSTED WEDNESDAYS: ALL students start school at the same time, 8:00. Kindergarten dismissal at 11:30 and grades 1-5 at 12:50.


MINIMUM DAYS: ALL students start school at the same time, 8:00. Kindergarten dismissal at 10:30 and grades 1-5 at 12:00.