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Dear Alamo School Community,

Everyone at Alamo misses you!! And Alamo students are missing an important part of school this year too – going to the library. Even though you have been hearing books online, we know you want to check some out and have them at home. Since our in-person visits are on hold, we are going to start circulating our wonderful collection and distributing them curbside! In order to do that, students will look at our online catalog and put the books they want to check out on hold. Please see the short video on how to do that here:

Intruction video

The books will be pulled, checked out, wrapped with student name and distributed on our next distribution day, November 10th. These books will be due on our next distribution day, or they can be returned to the box in front of the office at any time. We will start with fifth and fourth grades holding/checking out two books, third and second grades one book. First and kindergarten will be able to check out later, after we see how this beginning phase goes. You will be notified by email if you have a book to be picked up. Disregard the dates that pop up on the catalog.

If you have overdue books from last year, you won’t be able to check out new books, so get those back!

Put the books you want on hold by November 3rd so I will have time to collect them all. If you have questions, contact me at

Thanks! Mrs. Wehrley

Library Catalogue:

Reserve Books Here:

AV2 Interactive Digital Books

Nonfiction digital books that are interactive resources:


Marcie Wehrley

Reserve books by November 3rd for Pick Up on November 10th

Mrs. Wehrley reading in Turkey

Mrs. Wehrley reading on the steps of the Celsus Library, Ephesus, Turkey.  It was built in 117 A.D. and housed over 12,000 scrolls. Above her is a statue of Athena, goddess of wisdom