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Teacher Treats 2021


Bid Early and Often for a chance for your child to spend quality time with one of our beloved teachers, staff or Principal Salazar! Bidding opens on September 14th at 3pm. There are a limited number of Insta Buys or “Buy It Now” spots available on a first come, first served basis.

Visit for all available Teacher Treats!




Principal Salazar

8 spots!

Microwave Cake in a Mug

“Microbaking” is the real deal. We will microbake a delicious Vanilla Mug Cake that is the perfect single-serving treat. All participants will receive a Mug and Spork set.

*Open to grades 3-5*

When: Flexible, TBD

Where: Alamo School| School Staff Room

Mr. Cherry


4 Spots! 

Tennis Lessons!

Learn to play Tennis with PE Teacher Mr. Cherry! Come join Mr. Cherry for a 1 hour group lesson for 4 lucky students. Following the lesson, each student will receive a special certificate.


*Open to all grades*

When: Flexible, TBD

Where: Monte Vista High School or local tennis court

Ms. Berkowitz


8 Spots! 

Watercolor Painting & Sweet Treats!

Come join Ms. Berkowitz for a group watercolor painting lesson. We will create beautiful paintings and then have tasty treats! 


*Open to grades 3-5*

When: Wednesday, November 10, directly after school for 2 hours. 

Where: Alamo School | Science Room

Ms. Beem & Ms. Bohannan


8 spots! (4 from each class)

Soccer & Pizza 

Come play a game of soccer with your kindergarten teachers! Afterward, we will have a pizza party in our kindergarten blacktop area. 


*Bidders must be current members of a Kindergarten class. 

When: Wednesday, October 20, 11:30-1

Where: Alamo School| Lower Field and Kinder Blacktop

Ms. Scott & Ms. Mayer

1st Grade 

10 spots! (5 from each class)

Puppy Party

Come join our puppy party with puppy snacks and a puppy movie. Choose a puppy from our adoption center and play puppy games. Be prepared to get your puppy picture taken and have such a “pawfect” time! 


*Bidders must be current members of Ms. Scott’s and Ms. Mayer’s classroom. 

When: Wednesday, TBD, 1-2:30 p.m.

Where: Alamo School| Room 301

Ms. Summers

1st/2nd Combo

4 spots!

Read, Eat, Repeat!

What could be better than a brand new book and a delicious treat? 4 students from Ms. Summers’s current class will win a trip to Rakestraw Books to select a book of their choice to be purchased by Ms. Summers. We will then walk to Smallcakes for a cupcake or frozen treat. 


*Bidders must be current member of Ms. Summers’s class. 

When: TBD, afternoon

Where: Rakestraw Books & Smallcakes Cupcakes and Creamery


(parents to provide transportation) 

Ms. Fettig

2nd/3rd Combo

4 spots!

Movies & CREAM

Four lucky friends will get the join Ms. Fettig at the Walnut Creek movie theater for a movie. Then, we will take a quick stroll to CREAM on main street. 


*Bidders must be current members of Ms. Fettig’s class.  

When: TBD, Spring

Where: Walnut Creek movie theater & CREAM


(parents to provide transportation) 

Ms. Hennon & Ms. Abramowitz

2nd & 3rd grade

12 spots (6 from each class)!

Afternoon Pizza Party and Movie with Ms. Hennon & Ms. Abramowitz!

Come join us after school for a fun movie and pizza party! We will be watching a Disney movie and having a blast! 


*Bidders must be current members of Ms. Hennon and Ms. Abramowitz's class.

When: TBD, Monday after school

Where: Alamo School | Room 203

Ms. Pavon

3rd grade

6 spots!

Pizza and a Movie! 

Come join Ms. Pavon for a fun afternoon party where we will watch a Disney movie, eat pizza, and have a great time! 


*Bidders must be current members of Ms. Pavon’s class. 

When: Late Winter/ Spring, Wednesday 12:50 - 2:50 

Where: Alamo School| Room 101

Ms. Inkabi

4th grade

4 spots!

Hunting for fun!

Come join Ms. Inkabi for a scavenger hunt at Livorna Park followed by a light picnic!


*Bidders must be current members of Ms. Inkabi’s class. 

When: TBD, Wednesday afternoon

Where: Livorna Park


(parents to provide transportation) 

Ms. Hegarty

4th grade

4 spots!

Picnic with my Pet

Meet my sweet dog, Zoe! We will throw her balls with the Chuck-It in the open fields, and we will have a scavenger hunt followed by a pizza picnic lunch. 


*Bidders must be current members of Ms. Hegarty’s class. 

When: TBD, Wednesday afternoon

Where: Hap Magee Park


(parents to provide transportation) 

Ms. Angeletopoulos, Ms. Barford & Ms. Wilson

5th Grade 

12 spots! (4 from each class)

Kickball Frenzy with the 5th grade Teachers

Join us for a fun afternoon with a game of kickball followed by delicious snacks and a participation ribbon. 


*Bidders must be current members of a 5th grade class. 

When: TBD, Wednesday afternoon

Where: Alamo School | Field

Ms. O’Toole, Ms. Raaum, Ms. Flores, Ms. Rivers

16 spots! (4 from each teacher)

Lindsay Wildlife Museum! 

Join us for a fun afternoon at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. We will explore the museum and play at Larkey Park! 


*Bidding restrictions include: 8 spots open to all grades, 4 spots open to 1st - 2nd graders, and 4 spots restricted to members of Ms. Flores’s class. 

When: Oct. 20th,  2pm - 4pm

Where: Lindsay Wildlife Museum


(parents to provide transportation)